Monetize any location-aware app or web site

Our easy to use, real-time, location-aware APIs enable you to get going practically on the spot. Request a free API key to instantly open the door to a wide world of monetizable offers consumers can use every day.

We intelligently select and rank the most relevant in-store offers every day from thousands of official sources including retailers, affiliate feeds, emails, social sites and those hard to find places that come and go before you know it. We never include crowdsourced offers, so Spotzot's the one place you'll find accurate and valid offers, all the time. Each offer includes an eCPC rate specified in the API that you’ll earn for each tap or click.

More Money from Top Offers Nearby
Spotzot’s exclusive, location-based Top Offers API features 100% monetizable CPC-based offers for publishers that display them as part of their default consumer experience. The offers are so compelling, you’ll be hearing a steady stream of ka-chings as consumers click their way to retail and brand bliss.

Publisher requirements
With each real-time API call, you'll send us the shopper's location and we'll return an up-to-date, dynamically ranked list of offers nearby in HTML, RSS or JSON formats. Each time a shopper selects an offer, you'll send us their anonymous ID and location and display Spotzot's mobile web landing page featuring complete offer details in an iframe (allowing you to retain your masthead branding and navigation controls). The same API calls work in connection with your standard web site.

Best Practices
We'll help you master our versatile APIs so you can create the ideal consumer experience faster than ever, rocketing ahead with advanced capabilities from your first launch with Spotzot. Our team of mobile shopping wizards can share how to leverage the power of promotional advertising in ways you may have never imagined to help you create a finely tuned monetizing machine. The more you know about how to use Spotzot offers, the faster you'll succeed in making your destination a top spot for shoppers, gamers, and well, just about everybody.