How It Works

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We work together to establish goals and launch campaign.

You define the offer, creative, audience, and any other targeting parameters… we do the rest. Whether you want target shoppers in a mall several miles away, within 200 feet of a competitor’s store, or only those within feet of your storefront—we’ve got your covered. We have the technology, experience, and native integrations with leading mobile shopping apps to put you in front of more than 50M mobile shoppers awaiting your offer.


Spotzot delivers your campaign to high-intent consumers on their phones.

Our proprietary SpotAds™ targeting technology identifies high-intent local audiences based on precise understanding of shopper coordinates, store location, and purchase intent. We use this information to deliver compelling mobile experiences to only the most qualified local shoppers—at critical points in the shopping journey.



Increase in-store sales.

We know which shoppers are near you and ready to buy. When Spotzot recognizes a qualified shopper in close proximity to your store, we can pinpoint the precise moment when they’ll be most receptive to your offer—and deliver relevant mobile messages that drive in-store traffic and sales.


Increase channel partner store sales.

Our proprietary store database provides precise locations and store information for more than 300 national retail chains across 1M locations. Whether your goal is to promote brand awareness or a new product launch, we’ll direct only the shoppers most likely to purchase your products to the partner retailers that actually carry them.


We provide unique, augmented, powerful analytics.

Targeting the right consumers in the right location only solves half of the advertising equation. You need to prove results.

Spotzot’s comprehensive shopper tracking and reporting let’s you know who’s engaged with which offers and what actions they took. You also receive insights into which stores performed well, enabling you to further refine in-store merchandising and messaging strategies.