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Verified location. Shopping Intent. Real Performance.

Consumers buy locally. Spotzot helps national advertisers reach local consumers at pivotal points in their shopping journey—driving real performance and measurable results.

Our proprietary SpotAds™ targeting technology identifies high-intent local audiences based on detailed understanding of shopper coordinates, store location, and purchase intent. We use this knowledge to help deliver compelling mobile experiences to qualified local prospects—building awareness, and driving foot traffic and in-store sales.

SpotAds™: better targeting, more sales, all mobile.

We know location. While other platforms rely on overly broad criteria—like zip code or IP address —only SpotAds™ identify precise shopper coordinates. Blending exact shopper and store location, mobile behavior data, and purchase intent, SpotAds™ ensures that your offers are only surfaced to the most qualified local audiences. You define the offer, and we drive high-intent shoppers directly to your store.


At Spotzot, we’ve always been mobile first. We’ve used our years of expertise in mobile to develop leading technologies that enable SpotAds™ targeting:

  • We have native integrations with premium mobile shopping applications which get your offer embedded deeply and naturally into the consumer experience
  • We also have syndicated integrations with hundreds of leading mobile web publishers  and shopping application, providing reach and scale
  • We use machine learning to optimize your campaign for performance
  • Our proprietary store database provides precise locations of over 50M locations
  • We double match: Because we have store and shopper location, we benefit from the  added intelligence that matches user and location
  • We are mobile first… built from the ground up

Leading retailers and brands choose Spotzot.